The newest smart gadgets to automate your home

The newest smart gadgets to automate your home | StreamRivew

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Amazon Astro, Household Robot for Home Monitoring smart gadgets, with Alexa, Includes 6-month Free Trial of Ring Protect Pro

The newest smart gadgets to automate your home
The newest smart gadgets to automate your home

Keep your home closer with Alexa and Astro, a home surveillance robot. Use the Astro app to check in on particular rooms and vistas while you’re away, get a live view of your house, and receive activity alerts.

 When you’re at home, Astro can find you to deliver calls, reminders, alarms, and timers set with Alexa, as well as follow you around the house while playing your favorite music, podcasts, or shows.

Intelligent Motion is introduced

Astro goes easily around things and stays a safe distance from people, pets, and stairs.

Request that Astro follow you or give a message or reminder to someone else.

Astro will stay around in low-traffic areas and travel to the charger when its battery needs to be charged.

You may check in on your house from anywhere.

You can watch a live image of your house and check in on specific rooms, people, or items with the Astro app. Astro learns a map of your house during setup, which you can access through the app at any time.

Simply tap where you want Astro to go, then adjust the periscope to get a better view. If you observe something questionable, you can even trigger an alarm.

Alerts for real-time home monitoring smart gadgets

  • Set home monitoring to Away to receive a notification if Astro detects an unidentified individual.
  • When Astro detects specific sounds, such as glass shattering or smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, the Alexa app will send you push notifications.

Ring Protect Pro provides greater peace of mind.

Ring Protect Pro’s 6-month free trial lets you plan patrols, examine detected incidents, and store video in the cloud. You can store, share, and view 60 days of video history.

Start your 6-month Ring Protect Pro trial by linking your Amazon and Ring accounts and adding Astro to the Ring app. Ring Protect will continue unless you cancel.

Alexa Together can help you assist individuals you care about.

Alexa Together allows you to remotely care for elderly loved ones while letting them live freely. Alexa Together lets you get activity alerts, manage shopping lists, and create reminders for loved ones. Astro can deliver drinks and nutrients. In an emergency, your loved one might say “Astro, call for help”

Alexa was developed by stro.

Receive your preferred Alexa features, such as news, entertainment, and routines, in your mailbox.

Enabling Amazon Kids on Astro gives you access to free parental controls, child-friendly Alexa responses, and other advantages.

Configuration: Smart gadgets

Setting: Hardware Only
Stay close to your home with Alexa and Astro, the home robot.

Amazon Presents Intelligent Motion The Astro robot employs cutting-edge navigational technology to go about your house and to wherever it is you need it to be. Astro will remain nearby and available for use at all times.

Keep in touch no matter where you are by having Astro check on specified locations, persons, or objects. Away from home, Astro may keep an eye out for strangers and report any unusual activity with an alert.

Free trial of Ring Protect Pro for 6 months gives you access to proactive patrolling and investigation of suspicious behavior by Astro, cloud-based video storage for up to 60 days, and more.

With an Alexa Together membership, you can provide support for your elderly loved ones from afar, allowing them to maintain their independence while providing you peace of mind. Use it to keep track of your to-do lists, schedule alarms for when you need to do something, and more.

Use Alexa while you’re on the go, and Astro will locate you to bring you your calls, texts, timers, alarms, or reminders.

Designed to keep your personal information safe, the Astro can have its microphones, cameras, and movements turned off at the touch of a button, and you can create “no-go” zones in the companion app so that it knows where it is not permitted to go.

Astro has a removable cup holder and is compatible with various goods such as the Ziploc container, the OMRON blood pressure monitor, and the Furbo Dog Camera that throws goodies to your pet (all offered separately) (adapter required).

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